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Welcome to My Painted Door. This is where I write about and share photos of all the things that I love. Painting, photography, gardening, treasure hunting and, of course, old doors.

By accident, or perhaps by fate, I live in the lovely tourist village of Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. About six years ago I was on a walkabout with my camera and discovered an old general store with a for sale sign in the window. I peeked through the window and fell in love with the old building and moved in 6 weeks later. The old general store is now My Painted Door.

My place has an abundance of character but she needs a lot of work. Thankfully, I am a patient gal and will putter away until it is done.

Here I'll share my journey with you making this place all that I dream it will be - my home, my shop and my garden.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sue Sikorski

Photo above is Mark Leiterman & Sons General Store, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. This is now my home and my shop.


My photography

Chocolate Fusion Mineral Paint (Styling and photography: My Painted Door).

I am thrilled to be part of the Fusion Mineral Paint team! I am the lucky gal who photographs many of the Fusion images including Jennylyn's Tones for Tots.

Jennylyn's Tones for Tots by Fusion Mineral Paint (Styling and photography: My Painted Door)

It's wonderful to be able to create images like this. I get to paint, stage and take photos! Many of the "treasures" in the photos are things I have collected over the years. How fun is that?

You can see more of my photography adventures on my blog.