A hall tree painted in Homestead House Milk Paint

Hall tree painted in Homestead House Milk Paint in Soldier Blue

Well hello! Although I try my best to blog at least once a week, sometimes it just doesn't work out. At this point I am finishing up my shop renovations and it is difficult to find an area that does not have a drop cloth on the floor or tools and other clutter laying around. I have several painted pieces I would like to share with you, but when my shop is so messy it is difficult to find a corner to take photos. But, I am working on getting organized!

A good friend of mine, Teryl Takats, has been painting here at my shop. Teryl is a wonderful painter and one day I will do a photo shoot at her home so that you can see some of her painted pieces. 

Hall tree painted in Homestead House Milk Paint in Soldier Blue

I bought this hall tree a few months ago from a friend of mine named Rick (the carpenter who put up my plank walls in my shop). Rick built it about 40 years ago and it is an amazing piece! 

Every time Teryl came for a visit she whined and said she had the perfect spot in her entranceway for it. I finally broke down, Teryl painted it and it went home with her. 

Unfortunately I can't find the before photo of it, but if I come across it, I will share it with you. Apparently I am also having some photo organization issues.

Hall tree painted in Homestead House Milk Paint in Soldier Blue

The hall tree is painted in Homestead House Soldier Blue. 

Teryl lightly sanded the piece as it was previously varnished and she wanted the milk paint to adhere well. She also added Bonding Agent to the first coat of paint. It ended up taking two coats of paint for the look Teryl wanted to achieve. Once the paint was dry, she used 220 grit sandper to sand the entire piece and distress it in areas.

Teryl used Hemp Oil to protect it. Teryl has traditionally been a Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax fan, but I convinced her to try the Hemp Oil. Sometimes Teryl has issues with her hands aching and waxing is hard on her hands. Using Hemp Oil is a little easier because it does not need to be buffed like wax does. She loved the Hemp Oil!

Hall tree painted in Homestead House Milk Paint in Soldier Blue

Teryl was very anxious to get her new hall tree home, so I took a few quick photos and we loaded 'er up in her truck and she sped away before I changed my mind!

Products used for this project:

Homestead House Milk Paint in Soldier Blue

Miss Mustard Seed's Bonding Agent

Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil

220 grit sandpaper

One last thing! Marian, also known as Miss Mustard Seed, has a new a brand new video out and she is so adorable in it. 

You can watch more Miss Mustard Seed videos and tutorials in my Paint FAQs section.

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