An adventure in Hurkett

I like to think of life as a series of adventures! Last weekend Karen and I hosted our largest milk paint workshop ever. We packed up my little green truck and headed 90 minutes away to Hurkett which is a picturesque little community located on Black Bay on the north shore of Lake Superior.

I don't have any photos of the workshop itself, but I managed to get this one photo of the ladies with their painted signs. The ladies from Hurkett and the surrounding area were so welcoming and enthusiastic that we felt like we made 24 new friends that day!

After the workshop, Kirsten Spence from Hurkett Hill Farm invited us to meet her kids and she had a whole whack of them! I believe she had 12 in total!

Yes, 12 baby goats!

This little one looks so shy, but don't let her fool you. The baby goats were certainly not shy!

How adorable is this little one? It looks like she has on little boots.

And those boots were meant for walking. Not! They were meant for running. The minute I would kneel down, the baby goats would attack! I was lucky to get in one quick photo and they were all over me ... smothering me with love. They would run right over and start sucking on my ears, knibbling on my hair and pulling on my sweater. I was pretty much in love with them in about two minutes flat. 

Everyone loves baby butts. How adorable are these ones?

Meet one of the momma goats. Her name is Scotch and she was quite camera shy. I think she believed that if she just closed her eyes, I would go away.

I took many photos of Scotch with her eyes closed and even though I asked her politely to show me her beautiful eyes, her answer was ...


Eventually Scotch let me win.

Meet Kirsten and a couple of her kids. Kirsten and her husband are the owners of Hurkett Hill Farm. I can't thank her enough for letting us spent some time on her farm. It was a wonderful experience!

Hurkett Hill Farm has a wonderful facebook page and when I saw this photo I had to share it with you. Hilarious!

Here's a little video of the kids. It's super adorable!

In reality, I know I will likely never own a goat. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Posted on April 14, 2017 and filed under Photography Adventures.