Coming soon - Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint!

Coming soon - Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint!

Do you remember when I told you I had a secret and that I was working on a project and was painting like crazy! Well, I am so excited to finally share my great news with you all! I will be selling the entire collection of Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint! 

I have been painting colour samples and just need to take photos and get the products listed on-line. I will have the paint available for shipping within one week. Promise! 

Oh, before I forget - did you know that Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint is made in Canada? That rocks!

In the meantime, you can check out Miss Mustard Seed's websites and facebook pages. You may want to grab a rag before heading over to visit any of Marion's (aka Miss Mustard Seed) sites … because if you start drooling, you don't want to ruin your keyboard.

Milk Paint

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint website 

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint facebook  

Home Decorating

Miss Mustard Seed also a home decorating site and a facebook page with over 115,000 likes. (Really, who has that many likes? - Marion does!)

Miss Mustard Seed website

Miss Mustard Seed facebook 

Marion really, really rocks and is even the author of the most wonderful book (which I will also have available in my shop). 

One more thing - for any of you attending my milk paint demo Thursday night, I will have the Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint to share with you.

These image below are not mine. I only wish I could take pictures as well as Marion … but here is a sneak peak of the paint colours. Amazing, huh?

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