Coming Soon ... My 2nd Annual Vintage Market

2nd Annual Vintage Market ▪ My Painted Door

I hope that you will join me for my 2nd Annual Vintage Market. To step it up a notch this year, the Metropolitan Moose is going to have some great eats and treats available so you can have lunch or a snack (bring your own lawnchair - just kidding!)

I know many of you have seen my "back 40" aka my stash of old stuff . Well, I have decided that it is time to part with some of my favorite things. My back 40 is now completely out of control and my addiction to treasure hunting is as strong as ever. The way I figure it, I'll part with some of my treasures and then I can collect more. It's a mad cycle. It really is!

Steve from the Metropolitan Moose is also a collector. Perhaps even worse than I am. He is also going to have tons of great treasures available. Heck, I might just sell all my stuff and then buy all his stuff (because I will have early bird privileges ). Just kidding, again!

There will be all sorts of unique finds for your home and garden including a great selection of rusty stuff (I adore anything rusty!), old wooden crates, vintage potato sacks, old bikes, small pieces of furniture and other cool things that you can paint. (And I know a great little paint shop that sells the most amazing paint! hehe)

Have a great long weekend! 

Posted on September 3, 2016 and filed under Random Ramblings.