Creating a french country look with milk paint

Creating a french country look with milk paint - Via My Painted Door (.com)

For all you guys that are kinda nervous about trying milk paint, this piece is painted by a wonderful lady, Dawn, and this is her first milk paint project ever! She rocks, eh? I love before and after pictures.

As always, I have a story. I met Dawn a couple weeks ago when she signed up for my milk paint demo. We chatted back and forth a few times on facebook and recently I had the privilege of visiting her home.

I totally fell in love with Dawn's decorating style and our "short" visit quickly turned into four hours. Dawn loves all the same things that I do - vintage stuff, repurposing - trash to treasures kinda stuff. (And she can talk as much as I do - that rarely happens!)

That evening I got home and starting thinking. My Painted Door is only four months old and I know in order to build my business I need to paint way more pieces. You can achieve so many different looks with milk paint and I really want to be able to share ideas and techniques with you. I still work full time at another job and between painting projects, blogging, facebook and shipping out orders, I simply don't have enough hours in my day. My store also needs to be renovated so I can teach painting classes here. To boot, I am a very passionate gardener and in order to maintain my gardens, I have to spend some time working outside. I also want to share gardening ideas and tips on my blog. I realized I could not possibly do everything, so my brain starting going a mile a minute.

After meeting Dawn, my spidey instincts knew that we would work well together. Dawn has painting experience and she is unbelievably creative, but had never tried milk paint. So, Dawn is going to come help me paint so that I have more things to share with you. I am very excited!

Creating a french country look with milk paint - Via My Painted Door (.com)

After sorting through about 70 pieces of furniture waiting for some milk paint love, Dawn decided to start with this end table. You can achieve so many different looks with milk paint, but we decided that the sexy, curved legs on the end table would suit a french country look.

Creating a french country look with milk paint - Via My Painted Door (.com)

The short and sweet of creating this look:

Before Dawn started painting, she used a bees wax puck to apply wax to the areas where the paint would naturally wear off. The paint did not stick in these area and created a distressed look. You can see the dark brown wood showing through the white paint along the edges of the end table where the wax was applied.

The end table had a very high gloss varnish finish on it. To ensure the paint adhered well, Dawn mixed up 1/8 cup Sweet Pickins milk paint in flour sack with 1/8 cup warm tap water. She then mixed in 1/4 cup of Extra Bond to the paint and painted the first coat with a 2" ChalkPro paint brush. (It is very important that you mix the paint powder with water first and then add the Extra Bond - or you will never get out the lumps).

Dawn then painted on a second coat using 1/4 cup milk paint and 1/4 cup warm water (no Extra Bond). 

We loved the look after just two coats of paint. If you wanted a a more solid look, a third coat of paint could have been applied for more coverage. This is just a personal preference.

Dawn then used a medium/fine grit sanding sanding block to sand the legs of the table and an orbital sander with 220 grit sandpaper on the top of the table. She then wiped the dust off with a rag.

The piece was finished with two coats of Daddy Van's furniture polish applied with a waxing brush and buffed with a lint free rag.

Update: My shop no longer carries Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. I now carry Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and Homestead House Milk Paint.

Creating a french country look with milk paint - Via My Painted Door (.com)

I dream of one day staging photos with really cool stuff, but at this point most of my belongings are still in boxes. We managed to find this box full of letters and were able to spell the word "Paris". We thought it was sort of fun and appropriate.

I just want you to know that I am not a complete slacker and I also spent the day painting. Actually, I have spent the last few days painting, but I can't show you what I have been working on YET. It's a secret and you're gonna love it!

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