14 days of giveaways and having fun with fusion mineral paint photography

My Painted Door is having 14 days of giveaways to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!

Hello and Happy New Year to you! 

A few days ago was my little paint shop's third anniversary and I've been thinking lots about you guys. Thinking about how wonderful you all are. Let's face it, without all of you, I would not have my little paint shop. 

I have decided it's time for some giveaways to show my appreciation to all of you! Starting Friday, January 13th, we will be having daily giveaways as my way of saying thank you for three amazing years! I have put together 14 wonderful paint packages and each day a random winner will be chosen. Make sure you watch my blog for more details. What? You don't follow my blog? Well, it's not too late to start! 

I have been sorting through photos! Like about a zillion of them. I have all kinds of painting projects with before and afters that I have never shared with you. I also have lot of photography bloopers. About a trillium of those. So, I will also be sharing some fun (and possibly embarassing) photos with you.

Here's my first set of photos ...

Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

Sometimes you need to climb a ladder to get that perfect shot.

Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

And sometimes you get to boss around the person below you to move that can of paint! That's my pal, Karen. Or at least that's the back of Karen's head. Many of you know Karen from visiting my shop. She's my right hand gal and on many days she's my left hand gal too! Karen is the amazing gal that teaches all of our workshops.

Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

And that's my final shot! All the Fusion Mineral Paint colours in one photo. Kinda makes me drool.

Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

Just yummy, huh?

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