Giveaway #10 and Beautiful colour combinations with Fusion Mineral Paint - Part 5

This Giveaway is over, but you can still enjoy some beautiful colour combinations with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Winner of My Painted Door's Giveaway #8

Our Giveaway #8 winner is Meagan G. from Thunder Bay, Ontario! I do realize that many of the winners have been from Thunder Bay and I swear the "raffle machine" picks the winner and not me! Because my little shop is close to Thunder Bay, many of the people entering are from there. I really appreciate all of you. Equally. Pinky swear.

My question to you was "Are you a gardener? Flowers or veggies?" I was so pleased to hear that most of you are gardeners or would like to become a gardener because I have an idea and I hope it's a good one!

Christina commented on my blog "I was a gardener until I started painting furniture". Oh how I can relate! You see, my first love was gardening. And then I fell in love with milk paint. And then along came Fusion paint. And then my life really changed and my first love, my garden, fell to the wayside.

This is the country garden of Sue Sikorski, the owner of My Painted Door. Sue used old doors as garden gates when you enter her garden.

You see, this WAS my garden. I have a thing for old doors like these ones. Hence my name, My Painted Door.

I worked on this garden for about 8 years and it was finally done! Both my front and back yards were completely filled with flowers. Not a single strand of grass was to be found.

And then ...

1930's photo of Mark Leiterman and Sons General Store. This is now My Painted Door located in Kakabeka Falls, Ontario.

I followed my dreams. I stumbled across this old General Store and fell in love. Goodbye garden, hello new adventure! This photo is from the 1930's, but it still looks pretty much the same. This is now my shop and my home.

Before photo of Sue Sikorski's garden. Sue is the owner of My Painted Door.

When I moved, my friends and I dug up about 700 perennials and I brought them with me. My flowers sat in plastic bags all summer long while I was making flowerbeds with eight dump truck loads of soil. One wheelbarrow full at a time! As you can see in this photo, I had a whole lot of sand and no soil.

The coloured flag tape in the photo is not my attempt at art, it temporarily kept the deer from eating all my plants. Oh the joys of country living!

Many of you have visited my shop and know that my garden is pretty rough these days. Gardening is good for the soul and I really need to get back to my first love. 

Next summer, my hopes are to start blogging more about gardening. Gardening and painting really do go hand in hand. To me, outdoor decorating is as important as indoor decorating and I can't wait to fill my garden with beautiful painted pieces! I have been collecting all sorts of old benches that could use some paint love. And old windows. And doors. I am a hoarder with a mission!

If you are interested, I have some more photos of my "old" garden on my blog. I have very few photos of my new garden. It is hardly photo worthy at this point. But, that's going to change! Fingers crossed.


A $50 gift card that can be used towards any type of paint or products - Fusion Mineral Paint, Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint or Homestead House Milk Paint. If the winner cannot visit my shop and uses the gift card on-line, their order will have free shipping so that the $50 is for paint.

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Great colour combinations with Fusion Mineral Paint. These colours are Tuscan Orange, Plaster and Renfrew Blue.

How's this for colour? Stunning, I would say!

Great colour combinations with Fusion Mineral Paint. These colours are Tuscan Orange, Plaster and Renfrew Blue.

From the top, we have Tuscan Orange, Plaster and Renfew Blue.

Photography blooper! Great colour combinations with Fusion Mineral Paint. These colours are Tuscan Orange, Plaster and Renfrew Blue.

These shots were actually the simplest ones of all the colour combinations I took photos of and I didn't have to wash any paint brushes! I only had one little blooper when I dropped the bottle of paint. 

Great colour combinations with Fusion Mineral Paint. These colours are Tuscan Orange, Plaster and Renfrew Blue.

My second attempt worked just fine! I actually used painting tape to hold the bottles in place so that the labels would face the right way. Silly little bottles wanted to roll on me! I think having a very old store with very crooked floors played a factor in that. The wood floors in my shop are over 100 years old and have amazing character. There is quite a bit of old paint splattered here and there (about 100 years worth of paint) and I sometimes think I should have called this place My Painted Floor.

Great colour combinations with Fusion Mineral Paint. These colours are Tuscan Orange, Plaster and Renfrew Blue.

Aren't these little tester pots adorable? I even love the cute little lids that read "a pot of inspiration".

How far does one tester size bottle of Fusion Mineral Paint go? Frames are painted in Prairie Sunset.

If case you are wondering how far one little tester pot of Fusion Paint goes - here's a visual for you. I painted all three frames with the one little tester. As you can see by the ruler, the largest frame is almost 2 feet tall. I used two coats of paint in the colour Prairie Sunset. 

I love the tester pots! They are perfect for smaller craft projects and a great way to test out colours to make sure it's the right shade before painting large projects like your kitchen cabinets.

Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Casement. Paint is good for the soul!

Painting really is good for the soul!

See you tomorrow for our next Giveaway! Four more to go!

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