Giveaway #2 and Behind the scenes with Fusion photography

This Giveaway is over, but you can still enjoy some behind the scenes photos with Fusion photography.


  • one 500 ml (1 pint) container of Fusion Mineral Paint (any colour)

  • one Fusion 2" Angled Synthetic Brush (shown in photo below)

A $40 value.

I have changed how you enter the giveaway to make it more straight forward, as yesterday some of you weren't quite sure how to enter. Now you log in and leave a comment. This is only day two of our giveaways. See you tomorrow!

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Fusion Mineral Paint in the colour Coral.

Have you tried out these new Fusion 2" angled brushes yet? Well, let me tell you, they rock!

To pretty up this photo, I photographed the brush with the color Coral. I must admit, this was Jennylyn's idea to pair Coral with the teal brush. Jennylyn is the creator of Fusion Mineral Paint and she is such an inspiration to me. Truth be told, Jennylyn came up with the beautiful colour combinations I will be sharing in the next couple weeks. My job is to find a creative way to photograph them so that you can see which colours look beautiful together. 

Fusion Mineral Paint photography blooper. Colours showcased are Picket Fence, Azure and Coral.

And of course, it doesn't always work the first time! Working with wet paint certainly has it's challenges ... like when your brush runs out of paint before you want it to and the photo looks sorta boring. Paint dries quickly and you have to think fast. What can I do to fix it? What can I do to fix it?

Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence, Coral and Azure

I got it! Pour some paint into a lid and hide the problem! This is my favourite photo from the shoot. 

Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence, Coral and Azure

Until the paint starts to dry, I keep on taking photos because you never know which photo will be the best. I mess around by adding more paint, I shoot from different angles and usually take 40 or 50 photos in a short period of time.

The lovely colours in the photos are Picket Fence, Azure and Coral. Don't they look great together? 

Behind the scenes photo with Fusion Mineral Paint photography

And this is what it looks like behind the scenes. Lots of messy paint bottles, stir sticks and test brush strokes. 

Behind the scenes photo with Fusion Mineral Paint photography

And I go through a whole whack of latex gloves. I used about 200 gloves in just a few weeks. I have to keep my hands clean and change gloves quickly when they get paint on them. I have no time to run to the sink to wash my hands or the wet paint will start to dry and I will have to start again. Hmm. I should have kept all my gloves and had a "guess how many gloves are in the box" contest. 

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