Giveaway #6 and Fun with Fusion photography

This Giveaway is over, but you can still enjoy some some behind the scenes photos with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Winner of Giveaway #4

Kim B from Thunder Bay, Ontario is the winner of our Giveaway #4!

Thank you for all your great comments everyone! I asked the question: "How would you describe your decorating style?" Anne K. answered: "My decorating style is hampered by two busy kids. It's a combination of stuff slowly being destroyed and trying to keep it pretty. Painting my ikea dining table was a good way to save a beat up table until they're old enough to be gentle so we can have nice things!" 


I can relate and I am sure many of you can too! My own son, Brendan, is now 28 years old. When Brendan was growing up, I was always very picky about having the doors on my kitchen cupboards closed properly. You know kids, he'd grab a box of cereal and leave the door open. It drove me nuts! Brendan knew that was a pet peeve of mine and on many occasions I would come home after working a 4 - 12 shift and he would be sound asleep. But before he went to sleep, he would open every single cupboard door just to tease me. It always made me smile.

This is day six of our giveaways. There are 14 giveaways in total!


A $50 gift card that can be used towards any type of paint or products - Fusion Mineral Paint, Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint or Homestead House Milk Paint. If the winner cannot visit my shop and uses the gift card on-line, their order will have free shipping so that the $50 is for paint.

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Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

This is a quick read today! I have a few behind the scenes photos to share with you. I know that many of you love to take photos and will relate to this post. The gang over at Fusion Mineral Paint (my pal Fiona in particular) asked me to take some photos of paint dripping off a brush. Simple enough, right? Not! Well, technically it's a fairly easy photo to take, it just requires patience.

There are many times when I sure could use an extra set of hands, but often I take photos in the evening when no one is around to help. So, sometimes you really have to be creative. Although I tried to get my cat, Ollie, to help, he just couldn't hold the brush in his tiny paws. So, I resorted to plan B - a clamp.

Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

I poured the paint into a cup and dipped my brush in it, ran back, picked up my camera and waited for a drip. Just when you think the drip is coming, you miss the shot! Because I am working with a flash you need to time it just perfectly. You cannot take multiple shots in a row because the flash needs to recycle. So really, you are guessing at when that drip is gonna happen.

I know someone is going to comment "why didn't you just take photos outside and not use a flash, so you could take multiple photos in a row" and my answer is "I live in Northern Ontario and it's winter and with the temperatures we have been having, the paint would likely freeze mid-drip. Baby, it's cold outside!" 

Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

I ended up with an awful lot of photos that looked like this! Every once in awhile I would dip the brush into the paint again and wait for more drips.

Fusion Mineral Paint - behind the scenes photography

These are just SOME of the shots where the drips weren't very appealing. I took 67 shots in total! 

Fusion Mineral Paint in Homestead Blue - behind the scenes photography

Out of 67 shots, there were only three photos where the paint looked pretty! This is number one.

Fusion Mineral Paint in Homestead Blue - behind the scenes photography

And this is number two.

Fusion Mineral Paint in Homestead Blue - behind the scenes photography

And this was my final shot. The one I was waiting for. Then I went for a latte and a brownie because I thought I deserved it. Really, any excuse for a latte and brownie will do.

In case you are wondering, this lovely colour is Homestead Blue Fusion Mineral Paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint in Prairie Sunset - behind the scenes photography

These are a couple more paint shots I took quite some time ago. I love the way wet paint shots show off the colours. This is Prairie Sunset.

Fusion Mineral Paint in Renfrew Blue - behind the scenes photography

And this is Renfrew Blue. I love these colours!

See you all tomorrow!

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