Homestead House milk paint fall colours

Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

Aren't these colours just amazing? Jennylyn from Homestead House asked me if I could paint up some fall colours in their line of milk paint and photograph them. And I did. And I am in love! Let's face it, these colours are great for any time of the year.

Originally I only ordered 19 colours of paint in the Homestead House line to sell in my shop and unfortunately some of these colours did not make the shortlist. But things are going to change around here. I just ordered the colours that I did not stock and I will let you know when they arrive. I should have them in less than two weeks. Edit: The new colours are now in stock!

Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

Thought you might want to know the colour names ...

top row from the left: spice, prairie sunset, acadia pear and voyageur (2 jars)

middle row from the left: mennonite, dusty rose and hampton

bottom row from the left: antique gold, voyageur and cranberry

flower pot is prairie sunset, box with lid is cranberry, bench on the left is dusty rose and bench on the right is spice.

Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

My pal, Dawn, gave me these gorgeous mums and they sure came in handy for this photo shoot. I even managed to keep them looking good until I did the shoot. I must admit, I had a post-it note so that I remembered to water them. Pathetic, but true.

Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

Do you have a favourite colour out of these ones? I do! Mine is spice. This adorable little stool is painted in it.

How I painted those projects: (skip this part if you don't want the technical stuff). The stool was previously painted two colours of purple (ugly before photo below). I knew I wanted to distress this stool, but I did not want the purple showing through. For a quick solution, I painted the entire stool with Fusion mineral paint in chocolate. I let the stool dry for 12 hours and then I applied furniture wax to the areas where I wanted the chocolate colour to show through. I then painted on two coats of spice and once the paint was dry, I sanded the entire stool and the paint came off very easily where I had applied the wax, allowing the chocolate brown to show though. How did I apply the wax? With my fingers of course! I find I have the most control over the placement of the wax that way. I then topcoated the stool with hemp oil.

I used bonding agent on all the jars to ensure the paint adhered well. Each colour required two coats of paint and once the paint was dry, I used a brush to apply hemp oil. Right after applying the hemp oil, I sanded the jars smooth using 220 grit sandpaper and then wiped the jars off with a rag. Super easy to do and I love the slight sheen it gave the jars.

Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

I had to include my little scissors in this photo because they are so tiny and so darn cute. They usually sit in a neat holder with twine on my shipping desk. I don't really use twine to tie packages when I ship them, but it would be cute if I did. It would be an old-fashioned thing to do and I love old fashioned things … like being given flowers on the first date and romantic gestures like writing poems.

Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

Do you see that one of the jars in the top row has the date of 1858 on it. Well, I found that jar in my shop attic. Once it was painted, I decided to google it and this is what it said "The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by Philadelphia tinsmith John Landis Mason". I am really hoping it was just a reproduction jar because Mike on American Pickers would be really disappointed if I painted a real "treasure". Yikes!

Did you notice my new watermark on my photos? I am really loving it! My sister, Sheila, designed it for me. Thanks Sheila. You are the best sister in the world!

Speaking of old fashioned things and Sheila, I wrote up a blog post a while back about the mail that Sheila sends me. I'm not talking emails. I am talking real mail. With stamps. If you are looking for some neat ideas to customize Christmas cards and parcels this year, check out this post: Love letters from my sister.

Before photo of projects waiting to be painted with Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

This is the (ugly) before shot. I paid $2 for the metal flower pot at Dollarama and both stools were yard sale finds. Huh! I love a good before and after shot.

Homestead House milk paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

My shop has only carried Homestead House milk paint for a short time, but I am anxious to paint with it so that I can "discover" more wonderful colours! I'll keep you posted.

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