How much will one bottle or tester size of Fusion mineral paint cover?

A 500 ml bottle of Fusion mineral paint will paint all this! - via My Painted Door (.com)

the test

I wanted to show you how far a 500 ml bottle of Fusion mineral paint goes, so I opened up a bottle of renfrew blue and painted until it was empty. I painted two coats on both the dresser and the table. I loved how the chair looked with just one coat so I decided not to put on a second coat.

note: Prior to painting the chair I used a wax block and rubbed the wax over the areas where I did not want the paint to adhere. I chose areas that I thought the paint would naturally rub off over years of use. Once the paint was dry I used a medium-fine grit sanding block to sand over the areas where I had applied the wax and the paint sanded off with ease. This created a wonderful distressed look.

the results

The photo says it all. Fusion paint goes a long way and the coverage is nothing short of spectacular! I have painted lots of furniture over the years and seldom (if ever) do you encounter such a rich, dark colour like renfew blue that requires only two coats of paint.

my thoughts

I love the fact that Fusion paint is sold in 500 ml (one pint) containers. Homestead House Paint Company nailed this one perfectly when packaging Fusion and chose a practical size for furniture painting. Just enough paint to get the average job done! I don't know about you guys, but I have lots of half cans of paint sitting around collecting dust because typically paint is sold in larger tins than I require. Half cans of paint sitting around = wasted money.

A tester size (37 ml) bottle of Fusion mineral paint will paint all this! - via My Painted Door (.com)

the test

I opened up a tester size of prairie sunset, once again painting until the bottle was empty. I put on two coats of paint on each frame. I placed the yardstick in the photo so that you could see how large the frames are. 

the results

Amazing! Originally I sorted through my stash of frames and chose only two to paint. I was thrilled when I still had enough paint left to do a third frame. You know the saying … a little goes a long way!

my thoughts

Once again, Homestead House Paint Company thought this one through when packaging Fusion. Ya sure, they are called tester sizes and are great when you want to test a colour. But in reality, you could easily paint small projects using this size - picture frames, small wood boxes, mason jars and more.

How cool would it be to repurpose all those old frames you have sitting around collecting dust. If you don't have any kicking around, the thrift shops are full of old, ugly frames with amazing character just waiting to be painted. I would love to paint a bunch of frames different colours and make a collage of frames going all the way down my hallway. I wouldn't even put photos or pictures in them!

Teapots painted in Fusion mineral paint - via My Painted Door (.com)

Do you have stuff laying around waiting to be sold in a yard sale or donated to a thift shop? Think again. What could you do with a little paint?

I had a collection of vintage teapots that I was getting a little bored with, so I painted them. The only prep work I did was wash them. Again, I used a wax block and rubbed the wax over the areas where I did not want the paint to adhere and gave them a light sanding once the paint was dry to create a distressed look. I am loving them!

left photo - painted in casement

top right photo - painted in lamp white

bottom right photo - painted in champlain

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