How to create a new look with burlap and milk paint

Before photo - an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

Quite some time ago I wrote a blog post about my shop renovations. If you recall, I had this horrible counter in my shop. Although terribly ugly, I knew I could give it a facelift! I started by adding some old wood planks that I picked up from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

Originally I painted the planks with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement which is a white colour. I hated it. I have some other planked walls in my shop in Casement that I love, but it was not working in this space. I wanted a warmer colour. Homestead House Milk Paint in the colour Autumn Leaves was my next choice and I loved it. I topcoated the paint with Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax and then Antiquing Wax

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

You know how your face always look better with a wee bit of foundation? Well, this countertop looks a whole lot better with a wee bit of burlap! I have written a "how to" at the end of my blog post. But first, I want to share some photos.

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

The black wall in the background is Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black. I use it as a chalkboard wall. Quick frankly, I have not yet learnt the fine art of writing neatly on a large scale, so I erased the writing on the wall before I took photos. 

Any of the Fusion colours can be used as chalkboard paint. How cool is that?

Vintage box used for a brochure display at My Painted Door

A friend of mine gave me this great old wood box and it is perfect for my painting brochures.

Mail slot from an old door used as a business card holder

I took this mail slot off an old door in my back 40 and it makes an awesome business card holder. I love door parts!

Vintage measuring tapes

If you come to my shop and need to measure something, I will give you one of these. I love having vintage things hanging around my shop. I think I was born in the wrong era. 


Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. My Ipad is hooked up to the Square system so that I can take credit card payments. But, with a bit of Bonding Agent, I figure I can paint 'er up and distress it. hehe

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

The other corner of my counter has a great little guest book. 

Great lettering for a guest book

My sister, Sheila, printed the little sign for me. On her next visit to I will try to bribe her into helping me with my chalkboard wall.

A beautiful guest book hand bound with a needle and thread

Sheila also made my guest book. She cut the paper and used a needle and thread to bind it just perfectly. She is so talented when it comes to anything paper. If you are looking for some unique ideas for addressing old fashioned mail, Sheila's the queen! "Love letters from my sister" is a great little read.

A vintage flower frog makes a great penholder.

I do realize that my Sharpies are not vintage. At all. But, how cool is my flower frog as a pen holder?

Guest book signed by my customers

I'll likely forgot to ask you, so next time you are in my shop, please sign my guest book. If you can't come for visit, leaving a comment on my blog post would sure make me smile. 

And here's the burlap how to ...

My sister, Sheila, and my friend, Patti, were visiting me from Ile des Chenes, Manitoba and we decided we had to do something with this countertop. Three gals hanging out and being silly gives you the courage to try just about anything. And it worked!

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

To start, we stapled a piece of burlap under the countertop along one long edge. This made it easy to flip the burlap onto the countertop once we were ready to put it in place.

We then rolled Miss Mustard Seed's Bonding Agent over the entire countertop. We then flipped the burlap on the counter and smoothed it out with our hands.

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

Once the burlap was fairly smooth, we poured more Bonding Agent on top of the burlap and rolled it again.

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

The little roller flattened out the burlap really well and ensured there were no puckers in it. We then stapled underneath the rest of the countertop to hold the burlap in place.

My original countertop was similar in colour to the burlap, so one layer of burlap was sufficient. Burlap has a fairly loose weave, so if you are trying to cover a bright colour, you may have to put on an additional layer of burlap.

an old countertop gets a new look with burlap and milk paint

We let the Bonding Agent dry overnight because the burlap was quite saturated. We then brushed on one coat of Miss Mustard Seed's Tough Coat Sealer. I have been meaning to go back and put on one more coat, but at this point it is still on my "to do" list. Even with one coat, the burlap has held up extremely well. I've spilled coffee on it and wiped off many cookie crumbs with a damp rag. Of course I was just testing the surface. Or not.

The burlap and the colour Autumn Leaves look great together!

Burlap painted with milk paint

Another option would be to paint the burlap after the Bonding Agent had dried and then put on a topcoat to seal it. Painted burlap looks wonderful!

Although not all of my ideas work out well, I was really pleased with this one! It was a super easy and inexpensive solution to an eyesore. And I love the texture!

Once I find the perfect piece of furniture, I am going to fool around with adding some burlap to it. Hmm. I have an old hutch in my shop waiting for a paint job. I have been avoiding painting it because the back panel on the cabinet needs to be replaced first. Covering it with burlap would be an easier option than pulling out my saw. 

Please don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me where you are from. I would love to meet you. Sorta like my on-line guest book. Wink. Wink.

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