I dream of a garden room

I dream of a garden room - via My Painted Door

This is definitely the before shot and quite frankly horrible, but I wanted to show you the back of my building which was the original general store. The front 2-story section was added years later. You see, I love this old part of the building and one day I will turn it into the most wonderful three season garden room. I know she needs work, but we all need to dream! I will put windows and garden doors all along this side of the building and it will have a wonderful view of my garden. 

To make a long story short, I moved about 700 perennials from my other yard two summers ago. While I was busy moving soil and making flower beds, I tried to keep the deer out, but they were absolutely ruthless and were eating my perennials right out of the bags. I am sure it was the best bag of groceries they ever had.

I dream of a garden room - via My Painted Door

I even found this old sign in the yard and put it up, but it did not help with the deer problem. Apparently deer can't read. So, I outsmarted them and strung bright coloured flagging tape until I could put up some deer fencing. It worked! No doubt my new neighbours hated the flagging tape flapping in the wind as much as the deer did. 

I dream of a garden room - via My Painted Door

My garden room is going to be huge, so I have been collecting all sorts of things to furnish it with. Tables (6 so far), chairs (25 plus - not including the 31 I bought at the ReStore for painting classes), antique church pews (2 so far), an antique organ and all sorts of things.

I know exactly the feel I want the room to have and I am going to fill it with all of my favourite things. Things that I have collected and love but have never had the opportunity or space to display.

I have a passion for old doors (My Painted Door, get it?), so I am going to cover an entire wall with old doors painted with milk paint. Each door will have a beautiful antique doorknob on it and perhaps a skeleton key hanging from twine. You can take a peek at my pinterest board to see entire walls made with doors.

I want mismatched chairs. Lots of them! All painted with milk paint in all sorts of colours. This one is painted in Sweet Pickins creamy and glazed with Sherwin Williams Van Dyke brown glaze. I recovered the seat with burlap. So, to my friends visiting with shorts on - sorry your butt may get itchy. 

Old chair painted with Sweet Pickins milk paint in creamy - via My Painted Door

I will finally have the space to organize my seeds and bulbs. Of course everything will be stored in vintage mason jars and tagged with old fashioned looking labels.

I dream of a garden room - via My Painted Door

I am going to paint more old jars and fill them with pretty bouquets I pick from the garden. Pink ribbon, that's it! I will tie beautiful sheer pink ribbon to the jars. Oh my, I better plant a cutting garden because I don't really like to cut flowers from my garden. This jar below is painted with Sweet Pickins milk paint in flour sack.

I will decorate using jute string and curtains made from burlap. I might even drape white cheesecloth from the ceiling with sparkling white mini lights shining through.

Oh, and rust. The room will have plenty of rusty things - ceiling tiles, vintage garden tools and anything else I can find.

Old jar painted in Sweet Pickins milk paint in flour sack - via My Painted Door

I will have my vintage books piled high and display my antique typewriters, binoculars and cameras on top of them. My well worn gardening books and magazines will be placed in a corner with a cozy chair with wonderful garden pillows made from vintage floral fabric.

I dream of a garden room - via My Painted Door

And when my garden room is finally done, I am going to have the most wonderful party! A chocolate party with decadent chocolate desserts and chocolate milkshakes served in old-fashioned cups with striped straws. And chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. All my friends will be invited. Those who laughed along with me during all of my misadventures (remember the time I had hundreds of bees in my store) and those who believed in me and my crazy ideas.

Interview with myself (sorta like talking to yourself):

Are you really going to do this? Absolutely. That's why I bought the place.

How long will it take you? Don't know - I'll keep you updated on my blog. I am working on fixing up my store first so I can have painting classes and a storefront.

Why a three season room? 'Cause Canada is cold and heating it is expensive! And it will give me something to look forward to each spring.

How much will it cost you to renovate? I am the queen of salvage, so not much! I already have most of the windows I scored for free. A three season room does not really need good windows because heating it is not a factor. 

Are you going to have a bed in there? Yup. Naps are great.

Are you unstoppable? Yes. We are all unstoppable if we choose to be.

Are you a dreamer? Absolutely. The day I stop dreaming will be the day I die.

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