My old general store

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

In 2012 I bought this old building. It had been vacant for over 10 years. This is now my home and shop and I am working on making a beautiful flower garden outside.

I still have tons of work to do, but this is a journey. My journey. This is what I was meant to do. I am a one-girl show (meaning I am doing most of the work myself), so I know it will take time. On most days I am loving my journey and on other days I am frustrated and impatient.

I don't have a television (believe it or not!) and can't forsee that I will have one in the near future. No time for t.v. around here! But, I have spent many hours watching you tube videos to figure out how to fix things, how to tear things down and how to rebuilt.

This is a little story I wrote a couple years ago to share with some friends ...

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

In January (2012) I was going a little stir crazy in the city and needed to go on a walkabout - just me and my camera. So, I jumped into my little green truck and took a drive to beautiful Kakabeka Falls which is about a 20 minute drive west of Thunder Bay.

When I arrived in Kakabeka Falls I drove down a road I had never seen before and I stumbled across this old building with a for sale sign in the window. When I peeked through the front windows I thought it was pretty cool and decided to call the real estate agent. 

The next day my friend, Lisa, and I arranged to take a peek inside. One look inside and I knew this was it – it was the dream!

I put in an offer and three weeks later my own home was up for sale. In three weeks it sold and in three weeks I am moving. Sweet! Absolutely insane, but sweet!

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

So, meet my new home. She and I are going to get along just fine. I haven’t given her a name yet (people name their homes just like they name their vehicles, right?). Well, just the same, this puppy is gonna get a name. Got any ideas? Once upon a time she was known as Leiterman’s General Store. This was the original entranceway into the store.

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

This was the side of the store.

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

And this is a creepy old thing covered in vines. It opens up and has a ramp to the basement! 

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

Several years later they added this addition. The top floor is an apartment and the main floor is more commercial space. Total square feet is just under 4000.

I won’t have to store all my camera gear all over my living room anymore and I can collect even more treasures (aka junk). This is a good thing. Habitat for Humanity ReStore here we come. (I had to quit shopping there as I was on the verge of becoming a hoarder, but really I just needed more space).

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

This is the entranceway into the house. It is covered in Virginia Creeper. I can’t wait ’til Spring!

Bought an old general store! - My Painted Door (.com)

It has a real neat little deck that is off the master bedroom. The view from here is amazing. 

Unfortunately I don’t have any decent pictures of the inside, but she is amazing inside. It has the original hardwood flooring and beautifully aged wood trim. Also the original wood doors complete with glass doorknobs and a wonderful set of French doors going into the living room. She needs lots of TLC, but I will love on her until she is done!

Although I should be packing, I have spend most of the day with my pencil crayons designing my gardens already. I have so many ideas, for both inside and out, that my head is spinning.

If you are wondering what I will do with the store … so am I! I know that my passion for home decorating, gardening and photography will play a role. I have lots of thinking to do.

Sometimes life whispers and you just need to listen.

Fast forward to January, 2014 … Life did whisper and I listened. The shop sat vacant for two years and then I fell in love with milk paint. The old general store finally has a name … My Painted Door.

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