New Fusion mineral paint products and more shop renovations

Fusion paint brushes now available at My Painted Door (.com)

I have a few new products in my shop that I wanted to share with you. I wasn't really planning on retailing the Fusion paint brushes because I sell other brushes, but after I tried them, I was sold! These puppies are amazing and they hold an awful lot of paint. Anything that makes painting easier is a good thing in my books. 

Update: Some of the brushes in these photos are now discontinued by Fusion. Instead my shop now carries Staalmeester Brushes which are recommended to use with Fusion Mineral Paint.

The brushes are available in three sizes and can be used with paint or wax.

I am super excited to share this new product with you! Sometimes I get to test products before they are even available for sale because I do all the product photography for the Fusion line. (Great little perk, huh?) So, I have just tried the Fusion beeswax and it is lovely. It contains both beeswax and hemp oil. It is suitable to use as a top coat over Fusion mineral paint or milk paint. It is not available yet, but I will let you know the minute it is. You are going to love it!

my shop renovations

Life is all about choices, isn't it? Well, renovations are also about choices. You can spend thousands of dollars and go into major debt or you can work within your budget and fix what you can afford to and learn to love those things you cannot fix. I have chosen to work within my budget and I am learning to love.

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

I hired a painter to paint the ceiling white and that's why there are plastic dropcloths draped everywhere in my photos. I like that fact that you are only getting a peek into my shop (because it is not done yet!) and I want the final pictures to be nice.

My ceiling is just one of those things that I have chosen to love. It's cracked, it's been patched multiple times and it is even has chunks missing. I have also chosen to use the term "it adds character" to those areas of my shop that are far from perfect. 

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

My floor adds character for sure! It has a large dark spot (oil maybe?) in one area and lots of paint all over it. I would like to mention that it is not my paint. Whose paint is it, you ask? I don't know, it came with the place when I bought it. Will I ever refinish the floors? Absolutely not! I prefer to think about all the people who walked on these floors over the years. What was their favourite thing to shop for? Did they try stealing comic books when the shopkeeper had his back turned? What was their favourite penny candy?

I am intrigued with the thought that once upon a time customers arrived at the old general store in their horse and buggy. And then they came with their model T's. And now they come in their SUVs.

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

Did you notice my new light fixtures in the photos? I am terribly excited about them. They were installed a few days ago and as soon as it was dark outside I had to go to the street and admire them through the window. They make my whole shop sparkle!

This corner of my shop will be dedicated to Homestead House milk paint.

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

This area is going to be my Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint display. I have been collecting furniture to use as display cases. They are not painted yet (at least not with my paint), but I am looking forward to that stage. Definitely the fun part is yet to come!

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

And this is my cool antique pump organ that is part of my Fusion mineral paint display. I hauled that puppy home all the way from Winnipeg last year.

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

This area will also be for my Fusion mineral paint.

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

At this point, this little corner still needs some lovin'. The ceiling has part of an old water pipe sticking out of the wall that I was going to cut off, but I have changed my mind. I am going to leave it and hang something from it. Perhaps an old swing. The hole in the ceiling will also be fixed, but not with plaster of course. I am just going to cover it with a shutter, grate or whatever I can find in the back 40. The old boards with 5' nails will also remain. I want to leave some original things from the old general store. I figure maybe I can hang a few chairs from the nails (or misbehaving children could by hung by their pants - just kidding!)

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

There are also a couple huge support beams in the shop that I love, but of course they need a little paint. This corner is an odd shape, but it will be fun to work with. This is the back of my store where I will have a work area and an area for demos and classes.

shop renovations - My Painted Door (.com)

I have a whole whack of stuff piled up in this photo, but the front of my shop has all the original woodwork surrounding the window display area. I think is it charming!

I am still working on my renos, but the end is in sight. I'll keep you posted.

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