Painted rustic pumpkins - Perfect for Fall decorating!

Rustic wood pumpkins painted in Tuscan Orange Fusion Mineral Paint

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! 

I have quite a few projects painted and ready to be photographed, but time is sometimes an issue around here! I was in panic mode the other day because my friend, Dawn, painted up these great rustic pumpkins and I still had not shared them with you. But, it's not too late to make yourself a set of rustic pumpkins for Halloween!

Rustic wood pumpkins painted in Tuscan Orange Fusion Mineral Paint

Dawn cut some rough 6" x 6" timbers in varying heights, ranging from 6" - 9" tall. She painted them with two coats of Tuscan Orange which is one of the new Fusion Mineral Paint colors. Once the paint was dry, Dawn used an electric sander to distress the edges.

Rustic wood pumpkins painted in Tuscan Orange Fusion Mineral Paint

Dawn drilled holes in the top of the pumpkins and glued in twigs to make stems. She then took some rusty wire, wrapped it around a pen to make curly cues and glued them in place. She further embellished the pumpkins with rusty stars, twine and burlap strips.

This is a super fun and easy project that you can easily make in an evening.

Fusion Mineral Paint - Tuscan Orange

Tuscan Orange - she's a beautiful colour.

Did you know that you can even use Fusion Mineral Paint on real pumpkins? I guess it would not be practical to paint an orange pumpkin orange, but I have seen some lovely pumpkins and gourds painted in Inglenook, Champness and other colours.

When I was taking photos, I grabbed the first black book I had handy to put under one of the pumpkins. When I put the book away, I glanced at the title ...

Old book - "The Phantom Ship"

I have hundreds of old books and I grabbed this one. Is that spooky or what? 

Earlier this evening, I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Dawn and her family. It was almost cruel to feed me a ridiculous amount of delicious food and then send me home. Okay, she did not force the food on me ... I just couldn't stop eating. Now I am completely stuffed and can barely keep awake to write this blog post. Ah, but it was so worth it!

Dawn has painted some more projects here at my shop and I can't wait to share them with you!

Posted on October 11, 2016 and filed under Fusion Mineral Paint.