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First off, I'm trying my best to blog weekly, but I missed last week. I'm sorry. I feel a little guilty. But let's face it, you likely didn't notice or miss me! But, I have an excuse. I really do! I am working on a big project with Jennylyn who is the creator of Fusion Mineral Paint. I can't share more details with you yet because it's a secret. Top secret. But, I can tell you that I ran out of painting space in my shop, so my living room is now full of furniture I am painting.  

Before photo of table painted in Fusion Mineral Paint

I love working on projects like this because it's amazing how you can take pathetic old tables like this one and make them adorable with a little paint. Just want until you see the after shot. Super cute!

I can also tell you that my entire home is a wreck. I recently painted two dressers from my bedroom and had to put my clothes somewhere else. So, now my bed has about three feet of clothes piled on top of it and I am sleeping in my spare room. One day I will have a normal life. But, for now, my passion for painting and photography has completely taken over my life. Other things will have to wait. But, it's all good.

Jennylyn is an amazing lady and wonderful to work with. She is the president of Homestead House Paint Company. Homestead House is a Canadian paint company that has been in the paint business for over 25 years and makes Fusion Mineral Paint, Homestead House Milk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. It's really exciting to be part of their team! 

You may have seen Jennylyn before. She is the cutie pie that makes the Fusion Mineral Paint videos. She recently became a mom to another cutie pie, Taylor. Every once in a while she texts me a photo or video of Taylor and every single time it makes me smile from ear to ear. 

This videa is great! You can see a bunch more Fusion videos in my Paint FAQ section.

Next up ... I am finally on Instagram! Yes, I took the plunge. Kinda scary all this social media stuff. I would appreciate it if you checked out my feed and gave me a like or two. If you click on an image below it will take you right there. Oh the technology! hehe

Speaking of social media, I just hit 2000 likes on my facebook page! Facebook doesn't always love small businesses and sometimes my facebook posts are seen by 2000 people and sometimes my posts are only seen by 200 people. My "thank you" to you all was only seen by about 220 people, so I want to share it again ...

"I love my little paint shop and it is wonderful to be able to share my passion with like-minded people. There's nothing like having a paint brush in your hand and a little music in the background. You can make something beautiful, save some money and it is good for the soul. I am thankful, grateful and blessed to be able to share my love for painting with all of you."

My friend, Erlynn, painted this little signs awhile back, but they are so adorable I had to show them off again! If you missed that blog post, you can take a peek: More Vintage Market leftovers get a paint job

I am excited to finally be working all the big guys - Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! (Although I admit it's super easy to get sucked into spending too much time on social media).

My next random rambling is another big one. I know many of you love Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed) as much as I do. Well, Marian was recently featured in three magazines. Yes, three - the March issues of Victorian Homes, Country Living and a Dutch magazine called "Ariadne at Home".

Miss Mustard Seed is featured in Victorian Homes and Country Living magazines.
Miss Mustard Seed is featured in Country Living magazine.

Country Living features six pages of Marian's gorgeous home!

Miss Mustard Seed is featured in Victorian Homes magazine.

Victorian Homes features a dresser painted by Marian. Can you see all the gorgeous paint colours? Farmhouse White is the most recent colour and it's amazing!

photo credit: Miss Mustard Seed

And this is Marian's dresser in Ariadne at Home. I am not quite sure what the title "Opknappertje!" means, but I am pretty sure it means "Milk Paint Rocks!"

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