Repurposed doors for your garden

Before shot - Repurposed doors for your garden

I have a thing for old doors. Always have. Always will. Of course, that is why I named my business "My Painted Door".

I could go on and on about the uses for old doors, but I am going to stick to repurposing doors for your garden. My last blog post was about my old garden and these photos are also my old garden. I brought most of these doors with me when I moved, but they have yet to find a home in my new garden.

I picked up these great blue doors at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for a sweet deal and knew they would be perfect. You see, I was having some "fence issues". My fence surrounded my entire garden and I wanted to "soften" up the look of the fence. 

I started by planting two Clematises, one on each side of the door. I stapled fishing line to the top of the door and then ran it vertically down the door and stapled it to the bottom of the door. Fishing line is wonderful to use as an "invisible" support for climbing vines. You can't see it in the photos, can you? Yippee, it worked!

Repurposed doors for your garden

I wanted first year results in this small corner in my garden, so I decided to plant Cosmos in this area. Cosmos are annual plants that grow quickly (and will self seed like crazy if you let them!) Garden tip: Cosmos like to be ignored. If you water or fertilize Cosmos too much, you will end up with one heck of a tall plant with almost no flowers. I seldom water my Cosmos and never fertilize them. 

Repurposed doors for your garden

I wanted this little area in be cute and cozy, so I leaned a couple pieces of old white picket fence against the "too in your face" pressure treated fence. I also hung an old window on the fence (peeking out in the corner of the photo).

Antique firebox in front of repurposed doors

My focal point in this area was my antique firebox. The top of it was missing, so I found a cheap plastic planter that would fit into the space and filled it with pink Geraniums.

before shot - old doors as a garden entranceway

I had my carpenter, Dave, build my fence and I asked him to make these two old doors work as my entranceway. He looked at me like I had two heads, but he did it anyway. Eventually I planted flowers by the entranceway and Dave came back for a visit and said he loved the doors now! Sometimes other people don't see your vision, but if you do what you love, you can never go wrong.

The doors were originally solid wood and I asked Dave to cut out the top panels.

Repurposed doors for your garden - garden entranceway

I wanted guests to take a peek at my garden before they opened the doors.

The paint on the doors was flaking off like crazy, so I scraped off the flaky stuff with intentions of painting the door. I ended up loving them and never did paint them.

Repurposed doors for your garden - garden entranceway
Repurposed doors for your garden - glass doorknobs

The doors did not have knobs on them, so I added glass doorknobs. 

Repurposed doors for your garden

This was my "door to nowhere"! I can't tell you how many people thought it was a real door that opened to the laneway. Nope. Just whimsy!

Repurposed doors for your garden
Repurposed doors for your garden - vintage garden tool used as a door handle

This vintage garden tool make the perfect door handle on my door to nowhere.

chimpmunk on an old fence

This is my pal, Chippy. He hung around my garden for about three years and I looked forward to seeing him daily. We were garden buddies. But, I moved and Chippy did not. I miss that little guy.

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