Take a peek at my country garden!

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - garden entrance through old doors.

I'm taking a break from my regular blog posts about painting to share my garden with you. Well, truth be told, it is not really my garden anymore. This garden no longer exists! I spent eight years working on it and finally got 'er done and then I moved! My garden is featured on Better Homes and Gardens website "Create a Country Garden" so I hope the photos will be around a long time.

Do I miss this garden? Sure do! But, sometimes life whispers and you just need to listen. I stumbled across an old General Store and fell in love with the potential it had. And so I moved! I have my shop (aka My Painted Door), my home and my garden all in one location now and slowly but surely, all my dreams are coming true!

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - Garden path leading to an old door.

The good news is that when I sold my home, I brought all my flowers with me. Yup. Sure did. 11 friends, 5 trucks, 4 trailers and we got 'er done in two trips. My best guestimate is that we dug up over 700 perennials, bagged 'em and tagged 'em. Okay, we did not really tag 'em, but we bagged 'em and moved them.

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - newel posts in the garden.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with starting a new garden from scratch and it has been one heck of an adventure so far! Likely I should say misadventures because I have had some major challenges. But, challenges make you stronger, right? Watch for more to come on my gardening adventures at my new place. 

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - old bus bench in the garden.

Every once in a while I look at these pictures of my old garden and know that one day I will have a beautiful country garden again.

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - path leading to an old door.

I actually live in the country now so this will be a "real" country garden. My other garden was a country garden in the city. I'm not even sure if that makes sense, but it does to me. I even have the deer to prove my new garden is going to be a true country garden. I can't say that I am loving the deer here! They have been a big part of my misadventures.

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - path leading to an old door.

Many of you have been at my shop and have seen the huge pile of stuff (old bikes, rusty fireplaces, galvanized containers, newel posts, pieces of old picket fences and much, much more) sitting around. It looks like a pile of junk and I guess it is. But, it's my junk and I love it and eventually everything will find a place in my garden. Yes, even my wonderful old gas pump is gonna find a home in my garden.

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - garden arbour with chandelier.

I miss my chandelier! Can you see it hanging on my arbour? I have no mature trees in my new yard and have yet to build an arbour here. But one day she will hang again. And my rusty old firebox nestled between my two chairs, will one day see marshmallows again. But at this point, it is just in my pile of junk.

My Country Garden - Sue Sikorski's zone 3 garden - church pews in the garden.

My church pews did not survive the move. Long story. But, I have since bought more church pews that will one day be part of my new garden. My pews are going to be getting some milk paint love for sure! 

I hope you guys enjoy blog posts about gardening because I am going to be writing them! I need to because I have two passions - painting and gardening. Gardening keeps me sane and between my old garden and my new garden I can share about a zillion pictures with you and all sorts of tips about creating a country garden and gardening in general. 

I am a zone 3 Canadian gardener and we have brutal winters here! So if I can garden, you can too. 

Of course I am crazy anxious to paint a bunch of stuff for my garden. Hopefully I can get a few things painted this summer, but please keep in mind that at this point I am still working on my garden design ... making flowerbeds, laying pea gravel paths and tons more. The "decorating" part of my garden hasn't really started yet.

I have two huge projects I am working on - my garden and my shop. Once those are done, I would imagine I will start including blog posts about my home renovations which will be next on the list. I can't wait to start renovating my home! Ah, but baby steps, right?

One of my favourite bloggers, Layla Palmer from The Lettered Cottage, always signs her blog posts with x's and o's and I always thought that was so sweet. So I am going to try it. Just this once. I am having a warm and fuzzy kinda day.

Thank you for joining me on my journey. 



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