The power of friendship

Something very special happened to me yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. 

We all go through times when life is throwing challenges our way - left, right and center - and you just can't dodge them. I've gone through some challenges lately, but things are working out just fine. I don't want to bore you with the details because we all have challenges and struggles. That's what life is about.

A wonderful friend of mine, Jan Whybourne, has been my sounding board lately. She always is. Yesterday her and her husband, Rob, were in my shop and I was busy with some customers and I didn't even realize Jan had been taking photos. I was busy talking, Jan was busy taking photos and Rob was busy fixing my toilet. What a team! Thanks Rob!

Last evening Jan sent me this. I read it and I cried. I couldn't stop the tears. I am not even sure what emotion I was feeling. Perhaps just the idea that Jan would take the time to make something like this for me was just so unbelievable. So beautiful. So sweet.

Jan even found the beauty in the junk piled in my yard. For the record - I have a game plan for the junk stuck in the ice in the last photo. Okay, who am I kidding - I don't have a game plan, but it's pretty cool stuff and by the time the ice thaws, I will have figured it out!

Thank you Jan. I will cherish our friendship forever.

If you click on the photo below, you can scroll through and see all the photos. 

A good friend!
Posted on March 29, 2017 and filed under My Old General Store, Photography Adventures.