Upcycled signs by Steve

Repurposed, reused and upcycled signs - My Painted Door (.com)

Isn't it amazing what you can make from random stuff? These great signs are made by a friend of mine, Steve. My favorite is the boat one because I love rust! Oh, and the canoe one because I love the old paddle. Okay, let's face it, I love them all.

In Thunder Bay we have the highest Finnish population outside of Finland, so signs like "sauna" are perfect because Finlanders love their saunas. (Just a random fact for you).

I met Steve and his wife, Julie, when I first moved here two years ago and they welcomed me into the neighbourhood with open arms. I remember the first time I met Steve, he pulled into my yard riding his amazing vintage bicycle and we started to chat. Steve, Julie and I have tons in common and they are the coolest people you could ever meet. 

One evening I came home from work at midnight and my headlights shone on an antique bed frame in my yard. I had no idea who had dropped it off to me and spent about a month asking all my friends about it. The mystery was solved when I finally saw Steve again and he admitted leaving it for me. At that time I barely knew Steve, yet he was kind enough to leave me such a wonderful treasure. I have turned the bed frame into my garden gate and it is kinda cool.

Another random fact … Steve and Julie own the Metropolitan Moose Beanery and Cafe in Kakabeka Falls and serve the most amazing food and the absolute best cappuccinos. Steve sells all kinds of neat things that he makes, like the signs, and Julie sells wonderful jewelry. So if you are ever in Kakabeka Falls, stop in for a visit and tell them Sue sent you. I don't really know their address, but the main street in Kakabeka is small. Very small. They are in the only log cabin in the village and you can't miss it. Just ask anyone, because the folks around here are real friendly.

Speaking of upcycling, have you ever perused Donna's website, Funky Junk Interiors? Donna is amazing and has some wonderful ideas! 

Posted on March 18, 2014 and filed under Random Ramblings.