Welcome to My Painted Door

1930's photo of Mark Leiterman & Sons General Store located in Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. The building is now the home of My Painted Door.

My first blog post. Wow! I am very excited, yet kinda nervous. I certainly don't want to say the wrong things so that you never come back and visit. So bare with me, as I am just getting started on what I know will be a wonderful adventure! I look forward to sharing photos, tips and tutorials about all the things that I am passionate about - gardening, home renovating, home decorating, painting, treasure hunting, repurposing, walkabouts with my camera and, of course, old doors. 

Almost two years ago I bought an old general store in Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. The photo above shows how it looked in the 1930's. I knew that some day the shop area would be used for something that embraced my love for home, garden and photography. In the meantime, the shop area has been home to my camera gear and items waiting to be repurposed. Any thoughts of starting a business sat on the backburner. I already work full time and although I knew that eventually I would pursue a business, it would be solely based on doing something I loved to do. Meanwhile, this monster of a building has become my home and I love it! 

I have spent the past two summers working endless hours outside in the hopes of one day creating a beautiful country garden. When I moved here I left behind a garden that I had spent 9 years working on. Really, I should say that I left behind the bones and the structures of that garden because 11 friends and I spend an entire day digging up over 700 perennials and I brought them with me. Crazy times for sure! I still can't believe I am starting over, but there is something so magical about gardening that I know it will be worth it in the end.

About a year and a half ago I was on the web looking for ideas for plank walls and I stumbled across Sausha's Sweet Pickins site. Have you seen her plank walls? They really rock. Since that time I have become a frequent visitor to her site and facebook page. Every day I looked forward to seeing her latest project.

When Sausha announced that she was going to be selling her own line of milk paint, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I would sell milk paint! Now this was something that I loved that would be worth pursuing.

I have spent the last couple months getting ready. The learning curve has been steep trying to design and build my own website. I have also taken the time to paint over 70 items on a variety of surfaces so that I would have the knowledge to "talk milk paint".  I will tell you that I am very impressed with Sweet Pickins milk paint and I am so excited that I chose this as my new adventure. I have taken tons of photos and look forward to sharing them with you in the next few weeks. 

To boot, the wonderful students in the Film Production program at Confederation College have used my home, shop and basement for a film location about 15 days in the past six weeks. Some of the shoots ended at about 4:00 a.m. I guess that's what happens when you own an old building with a super creepy basement. Hopefully I can get permission to post some of the photos from their shoots to share with you. 

A few friends have asked why I chose My Painted Door as my business name. The answer is simple. I love old doors. The ideas for repurposing old doors are endless - shelves, coffee tables, room dividers, benches and so much more. And, you can even walk through them (the boring original purpose of them).

I took the photo below in Venice. I have a entire collection of wonderful old doors and I am hoping that someday I will have the opportunity to travel again to expand my collection. 

Old painted door in Venice. Photo: Sue Sikorski

Thanks for by stopping by!


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