When to add Extra Bond to milk paint

Sometimes I don't write a blog post for a week or so, but this week I am posting two in one day! I've had some customer questions about when to add Extra Bond to milk paint and I just want to make sure everyone understands Extra Bond so you don't run into any problems. 

When Extra Bond is added to milk paint, it improves adhesion to previously finished or other non-porous surfaces. It is used for surfaces such as glass, baked enamel, metal, laminate, oil or latex paint, varnished, shellacked or polyurethaned surfaces and many plastics.

You do not need to add Extra Bond to raw wood or porous surfaces, such as many of the books I have painted on.

It is definitely a wise choice to add Extra Bond to previously painted furniture or you may have the paint completely chip off.

As far as previously varnished furniture goes, you must use your own discretion. If you want the paint to adhere well, use the Extra Bond. If you want the "chippy look" you can choose not to use the Extra Bond, but keep in mind the finished product is unpredictable. I usually prefer the "chippy look", but would definitely sand a previously varnished piece to add some grit to it so the paint adheres better. In my opinion, painting old furniture that has been varnished seems to work well without Extra Bond as long as you sand it. But, if I was painting a brand new piece of furniture with multiple coats of varnish, I would use Extra Bond.

Extra Bond only needs to be added to your 1st coat of paint. The instructions say "Measure out equal parts of mixed mixed milk paint and extra bond. Mix together. You may actually use as little as one part Extra Bond to two parts Milk Paint, but better adhesion may be achieved using equal parts." I am not a risk-taker, so I always mix up equal parts of paint and Extra Bond.

Mix your paint powder and warm tap water first, then add in the Extra Bond. If you don't do this, if is very difficult to mix it without getting lumps in the paint.

Below are some samples for you.

When to add Extra Bond to milk paint from My Painted Door (.com)

image 1

This is a vinyl letter S. Because the surface was so slick I added Extra Bond to the milk paint and it turned out great. 

image 2

This is another vinyl letter S. I did not add the Extra Bond and the paint peeled right off. Yes, I did this on purpose to show you the difference.

image 3

These are bowls I mixed up some paint and Extra Bond in. When I was done painting, I threw the bowls in the sink with a little water in them, but the paint on the sides dried rock hard. Never coming off hard. The Extra Bond did what it was supposed to, but definitely an oops on my part.

image 4

Another oops. I painted about 60 things to showcase Sweet Pickins milk paint colors and was painting fast. After I painted these spoons I realized I forgot to add the Extra Bond and the paint chipped off. Good things they were only spoons from the thrift shop.

Hope this short post answers any questions you may have about Extra Bond. If you have any more questions, please post them in the comments section and I will answer them for you.

Happy Painting!

Posted on February 27, 2014 and filed under Milk Paint.