Choosing a colour

Fusion Mineral Paint 


Casement is our favourite neutral warm white that pairs well with virtually any colour!

Picket Fence

A lovely bright white, Picket Fence is a staple colour for any room that needs a punch of light. Picket Fence is the whitest and brightest of the Fusion whites.

Lamp White

Lamp White is a neutral cool white with subtle hints of grey. This colour resembles how white walls and furniture would appear after years of oil lamp use.


Hands down, Champlain, our most popular neutral warm white has depth. From small to large projects, it goes well with everything!

Raw Silk

Raw Silk is a warm old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey. The colour of newly formed silk – the perfect off white.


Plaster is a generously soft sand, not too white, not quite beige. A beautiful neutral for anywhere in your home.


Putty is a sophisticated neutral that blends beige and grey and grounds any colour scheme.


Limestone represents the off-white warm tone of natural limestone. This is a favourite in the line that pairs well with blues and greens.


A beautifully warm neutral grey-brown, Linen can appear antique or modern depending on its application.Either way, just like the feeling of fresh-washed linen, it’s bound to bring a warm and cozy feel to the room.

Cathedral Taupe

Cathedral Taupe has the slightest hint of a soft pink undertone. This neutral taupe goes with virtually anything!


Algonquin is our most popular deep taupe and tends to change its colour tone depending on the lighting situation. Is this neutral colour a yellow-beige or a brownish-grey or a grey-sage? It’s really hard to say as it all depends on the colours around it. It can go with just about anything!


Chocolate is a beautiful deep rich brown what is perfect for undercoating when you want to achieve a distressed look.


A warm, yet eye-catching grey, Pebble is a great stand alone colour, but also works well with other warm tones.

Little Lamb

Get into grey with this fantastic wooly neutral that adds a classy look to any interior. Little Lamb plays nicely with every colour in our collection, making it the perfect complimentary shade.


Bedford is one of our hidden gems. This is a mid-range neutral grey with a strong yellow tone. It goes well with the colours Limestone, Ash and Fort York Red.


Sterling is a cool, neutral grey. It goes well with reds, yellows and whites.


Everyone’s favourite deep gray, Soapstone is one of those colours that is totally dependent on its surroundings. It's slight purple undertones added with the changing light in the room will play with your eyes in the most enchanting way.


Ash is a soft, yet bold, charcoal grey.

Coal Black

Coal Black is an absolute jet black that can accentuate any colour.


Damask is a bold yet muted mauve that goes well with earthy neutrals like Algonquin and Cathedral Taupe, and perfect with neutral whites such as Champlain or Raw Silk.  It also pairs well with our greys like Sterling or Little Lamb and even muted blues like Heirloom.

Little Piggy

You won’t oink at this beautiful vintage colour! Little Piggy will turn any piece into a sweet pink dream. This hue is incredibly soft and is like painting with the first bloom of a blush rose.

Little Stork

Finally, the perfect warm shade of lavender! This gentle colour is just begging to revitalize your next DIY project. You’re going to love Little Stork! It's a match made-in-heaven of on-trend purple and light gray.

English Rose

This millennial pink is so on trend! In every store and magazine, it's easy to see that pink is in fashion for interiors and accessories.

CUREiously Pink

CUREiously Pink is a vibrant, limited edition colour developed in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Little Speckled Frog

This on-trend minty green is a sweet addition to any space. Little Speckled Frog pairs perfectly with every other Tones for Tots shade and you can’t go wrong painting up a froggy storm.


Dip your toes into this refreshing watery blue-green! Brook is just gorgeous.


Laurentien is our twist on a robin’s egg blue. At times it has been referred to as a pastel, yet it is just a bit too intense for that to be the defining description.


Inglenook is a soft blue-grey with just a hint of pale green. It shows very well when used with clean crisp colours. Depending on the lighting, it can look more blue, or more green.


Lichen is drawn from nature and is a grey-green that is soft, subtle and soothing.


Bayberry is a deep muted olive green, vintage in nature.

Park Bench

Park Bench is a deep rich, historic green inspired by the classic park perch.

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue is a rich dark blue on the edge of black and is bound to make a statement and enrich any piece.

Little Whale

Make a big splash with this calming, lake blue that adds tranquility to any space. Use Little Whale on big pieces like dressers to paint on some zen.

Little Teapot

Add this season’s best shade of teal to create a signature statement piece. Little Teapot is perfect for adding a pop of colour - big or small!


Something borrowed, something blue. Heirloom is a cozy vintage blue that’s perfect for giving new life to old hand-me-down pieces in need of some love.


Its name speaks for itself. Seaside is the perfect deep coastal blue. It works beautifully on its own or with neutrals … think white seashells, sandy shores and deep blue oceans. The perfect trio.


Champness is a classic and has been associated with both sea and sky, gorgeous and crisp.

Homestead Blue

Homestead Blue is our historical blue and has stood the test of time for over 20 years when we first came out with it. The grey and muted teal undertones goes well with deep yellows, reds and all neutrals.

Liberty Blue

Liberty Blue is a highly saturated, intense royal blue has been one of our original blues for over 20 years. It definitely packs a punch and stands out. Use with caution!!

Renfrew Blue

Renfrew Blue is our famous and super popular teal-blue. It looks great with yellows, reds and grey-taupes.


Like the rich tones of a vintage piece of jewelry, Azure is bold, yet refined.

Little Star

Little Star is a punchy yellow that adds a large dose of sunshine to any piece. It's as vibrant as a summer day and quickly becomes the centre of attention.

Prairie Sunset

Prairie Sunset is a cheerful, warm yellow. So vibrant, yet flexible enough that it can be used with just about any other colour!

Buttermilk Cream

Just as the name indicates, Buttermilk Cream, is a warm soft creamy yellow. It goes nicely with greens, greys, reds and black.


Mustard is a warm and golden, muddy yellow that adds depth and personality to any piece.

Tuscan Orange

Tuscan Orange is a rustic orange - red, inspired by the uniquely coloured brick found in Tuscany and the beautiful Italian landscape.


Coral is sunny and happy! This flirty tone will make you smile.

Fort York Red

Fort York Red is a vibrant fire engine red that has been extremely popular over the years. Splashes of this red really pops with excitement in an otherwise neutral room. When used under Coal Black or Ash for the distressed look, it can accentuate the mouldings or edges on the furniture piece.


A natural luscious burgundy red reminiscent of cranberries. Cranberry is a true statement colour.