Fusion Clear Glaze

Fusion Mineral Paint Clear Glaze
Fusion Mineral Paint Clear Glaze
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Fusion Clear Glaze


Fusion Mineral Paint Clear Glaze allows you to create your own finish. Simply mix in a few drops of the desired colour or metallic to create a custom glaze.

250 ml (1/2 pint) bottle - $20 Canadian (approximately $15.25 U.S.)

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How to use this product

If adding tint or paint, test to ensure your desired pigmentation is achieved prior to application.

Spread glaze onto surface and use a lint free cloth to wipe back the glaze into crevices.

Allow to dry completely - typically 24-48 hours depending on humidity.

Applying Tough Coat Wipe on Poly over the Glaze is recommended for high traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets and tabletops.

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