Fusion Tough Coat

Buy Fusion Mineral Paint Clear Tough Coat online at My Painted Door
Buy Fusion Mineral Paint Clear Tough Coat online at My Painted Door

Fusion Tough Coat


Fusion Tough Coat is a premium, non yellowing poly that provides extra durability against general wear and tear, water damage and food stains. Perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as table tops, seating, doors and floors. 

Dries to a matte finish. 

Easy clean up with soap and warm water. 

NOTE: Fusion Tough Coat may appear milky when applied over dark Fusion Mineral Paint colours, such as Coal Black, Ash, Chocolate and Midnight Blue. We recommend using Fusion Beeswax Finish or Fusion Natural (Clear) Stain and Finishing Oil instead of Fusion Tough Coat for top coating dark colours.

Our 500 ml (1 pint) bottle covers approximately 75 sq ft. - $20 Canadian (approximately $15.25 U.S.)

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How to use this product

Our favourite way to apply Tough Coat is with a cloth! This video shows you how.

Ensure the Poly is well mixed prior to use, but do not shake. If applying to a recently painted surface, allow 12-24 hours of drying time before applying.

Be sure to gently mix your Tough Coat™ prior to using it as the matting agent and other ingredients may settle to the bottom.

Do not shake vigorously as this will cause air bubbles in your piece that are difficult to remove once applied.

For best results, use with a damp lint free rag and apply two coats 2-4 hours apart. In humid areas, longer drying times may be required.

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