Well hello! I know the giveaway entry form can be a little confusing, so here is a quick how to. The simplest way to enter is to use your email address.

STEP 1 - Click on "Use Your Email"

STEP 2 - Enter your name and email address then click on "Log In"

STEP 3 - Leave a comment on my blog by clicking on comments. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DO THIS STEP, DON'T WORRY! (It doesn't appear to be working on all devices). Just move on to STEP 4 and you can still enter.

STEP 4 - click on the drop down arrow

STEP 5 - Click  on "I COMMENTED" and you have entered the giveaway!

STEP 6 - If the checkmark appears, you are entered! You can also click on the right side and a drop down box will show your entry.